Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009

Here is my parents new home on Lake Mille Lacs, where James recently spent two months working!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Heal Me, O Lord, and I Will Be Healed

"I sought the Lord
and He answered me,
and delivered me
from all my fears.

They looked to Him
and were radiant,
and their faces will never be ashamed

This poor man cried
and the Lord heard him,
and saved him out of all his troubles

The angel of the Lord encamps around
those who fear Him
and rescues them

The righteous cry
and the Lord hears
and delivers them out of all thier troubles

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are
crushed in spirit

Many are the afflictions of the righteous
But the Lord delivers him
out of them all"

Psalm 34, selected verses

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Content At Home

I used to drag my kids here and there, trying to find life in all the activities and people around us. As I have matured in my walk with God, He has impressed on my heart, to be "a happy mother of children!" I don't need to find life in other things, because I am right where He wants me, content at home.
Our little Ezra recently said something very cute and profound, He said, "Mom, I touch Jesus with my whole life!"
Here are some pictures of a typical day at the Knoblauchs, as well as a picture taken of one of our home fellowship meetings that we have been blessed to be hosting every sunday night..................

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Will Waste My Life

"I will waste my life
I'll be tested and tried
with no regrets inside of me
to find I'm at Your feet

I'll leave my father's house
and I'll leave my mother
I'll leave all I have known
and I'll have no other

I am in love with You
there is no cost
I am in love with You
there is no loss
I am in love with You
I want to take Your Name
I am in love with You
I want to cling to You, Jesus
Just let me cling to You, Jesus

I'll say goodbye to my father, my mother
I'll turn my back on every other lover
and I'll press on
yes, I'll press on

by Misty Edwards

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Best Moment

As we were driving to church on Saturday night, I had the very best, sweetest moment as a parent I have had so far in four years. I was talking to Isaac and Ezra who were in the backseat of the van about how excited I was to worship Jesus at church and to be with them and Daddy and Shiloh, because they are my very most favorite people in the world.(: Then Isaac said, "I love you, but Mom, I love Jesus more than I love you and daddy and bubby and shiloh, because He died on the cross for my sins!" So sweet. If your cheif purpose in life is to bring your children into the Lordship of Jesus Christ, these are the best words you could ever hear!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love In Action

Today, our dear friends Chris and Jeanne Adams and Eric, as well as our new friend George, gave their entire day to help us paint our house. James has been working 12 hours a day nonstop for over two weeks now, and so it was up to me, (Alyssa) to get our house painted and ready to go on the market at the end of the month. As I was praying and thinking about this task, it just seemed so overwhelming. With three small children, painting an entire main level and part of our upper level was a crazy thought! Well, let me tell you, nothing is too big for our God.

Chris and Jeanne found out about this, and recruited a whole crew of their friends to get the job done for us, for free! James and I were blown away by thier heart to serve us and help take this burden off of our shoulders. Never, besides family, have we experienced such a selfless giving. Chris, Jeanne, Shannon, Eric and George, thank you!!!! We pray that God will bless you a million times over for your hearts to serve His body. What an example of Love in action. Your kindness will not be forgotten...........

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolution

Shortly before the begining of 2009, James and I were watching a youth conference on God TV. One of the preachers was sharing a message about a generation of "Nazarites" that he feels the Lord is going to bring forth as we approach the end times before Jesus' return to earth. James and I were very impacted, sobered and excited about this message. We began thinking about our son, Ezra, who's middle name is Nazareth. When I was pregnant with him, we chose the middle name Nazareth for Ezra because of the consecration we felt that the name represented. Not only is Nazareth the city of Jesus' youth, thus making it an honorable name, but the concept of being a "Nazarite" is also a wonderful thing. We believed as we began to bring Ezra into this world that part of God's purpose for Ezra was for him to be a forerunner, an evangelist, like John the Baptist was, a fire for the Lord in this generation. Our pastor Bruce, was sharing a scripture last service in which he referenced the verse in the Bible that speaks of being " a holy people, set apart, shining like stars in this wicked and depraved generation." I love the way this verse ties in with the concept of being a "Nazarite." The beauty of the concept is a person, and ultimately a generation of people, who are set apart unto the Lord as the Nazarites in the bible were. They did not cut their hair, they did not drink wine, and a number of other things, which led their outward conduct to reflect their inward devotion to the Lord. I know that God wants and earnestly desires, and will have, a generation of youth that will be set apart to him in complete holiness in these last days, as John the Baptist and the Nazarites were. As the IHOP worship team declared, "He won't relent until He has it all, our hearts are His." My prayer is that myself, my husband and my children will be passionately pursuing our Lord to the point of being in such intense fellowship with Him that all else falls away, revealing total holiness by the work of His Holy Spirit that will enable us to shine like stars in the universe amidst a crooked and perverse generation. In this New Year, make it your resolution and purpose to be set apart unto the Lord as the Nazarites were, for He alone is life and truth, and nothing else will satisfy; He is worthy!